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Crush it on your calls to new prospects – here’s how

July 31, 2012  |  Posted by   |  Tags: Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Perspective  |  No Comments

On Monday night's Black Belt Mentoring call, John Lavenia drew a point-by-point map of how to improve your sales calls to new prospects. John's approach has helped him build huge teams in the network marketing industry and make millions in sales, so it's not theory - it's all tried and true methods.

When John was in the sales business, he found that most people weren't open as customers in terms of relating what they were looking for. John compares this to a customer in a car lot, needing to solve their transportation problem but not being open about what kind of car they need. "In some cases, they really don't know what they want", says John. "They don't know the complete solution to ...
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